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Post Mail Inside Corner Building

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Hi every one,
as seen until now there are lots of buildings like Corner-Café, Green Grocer, Shop, Market Street... All of them are in an corner or straight, but no one in an onside corner. So this one is a solution to build it in an inside corner. And as there aren't a building for mails or packages I decided to build one and respect a maximum the colours From past Lego sets containing mail services. In this MOC there aren't any cutted or glued pieces. All pieces are "stud" together using building methods to make it the most round possible.
BONUS : In this building there are only three hinge plate Swivel used for the "POST", the rest are assembled using the tolerance of Lego Pieces.
Enough of talking let's see some pictures and tell me what you think about. ;)

Back entrance for package delivering, with an cash machine on the right, but wat's happening there?

I don't believe it ! As nex, there are two guys who started jacking the cash-machine !! But one seems getting white by seeing something...

Oh yes Ok, now I understand. Police aren't never far to protect the city.

Seems that they are many and that they came from an Office not so far away, but this one will be in an next MOC, on what I'm working. So Hope you enjoyed this MOC, and see you again.

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