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The Micro Tram

Introducing: the Micro Tram!

This is a microfigure-scale model of a Corgi version owned by my Grandad. Unlike my larger scale version of a different Tram (see "Grandad's Tram") it is fairly accurate to the real thing, and gives a much better sense of proportion as well as detail. Approximately 17cm long, more than 5cm wide and nearly 7cm high!

Below are a few pictures of the design. Although I originally reproduced the blue colour scheme, I adjusted it to grey and changed some other areas to make the design purchasable through Lego Pick a Brick. I would include pictures of the the original design, but they don't seem to work. Anyway, you get the idea. And, as promised, here is the Brick built model (scroll down to see it)! (I will upload a better picture of it as well, soon)

I'm not sure if the basis of the design calls for a license agreement, but aside from that, having built the model out of bricks, I think that it ought to serve as a beginning to a new "Micro" range in the "Expert/Exclusive" style. Further models could include a microfigure scale train and a plane - all of which I plan to do, so don't copy please! I understand that, if this model did become a set, it might simply be a CUUSOO model, like Minecraft.

I will upload a picture of the Corgi model soon.

If you like these designs, or think they're something that others can appreciate a great deal, please offer your support! It can't become a set if you don't take the time to support it.

I would also be extremely grateful if you could spread the word, I know this is only a small project, but if you like it, that's all it's here for!

Thank you for reading this, and please visit my other projects!

Note: Those windows are 1X2X2 Frames turned sideways, so I'm pleased how compatible they have been with putting the rest of the design together.

Here it is, in the bricks! Almost 250 bricks in this small, but detailed, model. This picture can barely convey what its really like, so please ignore the blurriness and press the support button!

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