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The Ranger Cabin (from Ranger's Apprentice)


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In the kingdom of Araluen, on the outskirts of Redmont Castle resides the King's Ranger: Halt, and his apprentice Will. Together they go on many adventures to save the kingdom. Here is where they live, a simple cabin, where Halt makes the apprentice do all the chores. Here is how the location is described in the book:

It was small but surprisingly neat and comfortable-looking inside. He found himself in the main room, a combined living and dining area, with a small kitchen at one end. There were comfortable chaires ranged around a fire, a well-scrubbed wooden table and pots and pans that gleamed from much polishing. There was even a vase of brightly colored wildflowers on the mantel shelf, and the early morning sun streamed cheerfully through a large window. Two other rooms led off the main room.

I included many features in this set to make it as accessible as possible. The roof opens up to access the interior of the house, and each wall is easily removable. In the cabin there is a stone oven, a table, two chairs, and a Ranger's weapons. There are two bedrooms, each one having a small closet and a table with some nice flowers. A small bucket on the side of the house is to collect rainwater. The potential set would also include the characters Halt and Will.

​The Ranger's Apprentice Series is a New-York Times best-selling series and John Flanagan is a wonderful author. These books are great for all children and young adults. I hope you consider voting for my project and spreading the word to all medieval and ranger fans! (Feel free to check out my other projects too!)

Even if you're not a Ranger's Apprentice fan, I hope you can appreciate this set as a nice looking cabin that can go well with any medieval village or town!

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​The LightWeaver

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