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UCS Phoenix


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The Phoenix, one of the most well known legendary birds from mythology. Well known in Greek Mythology as a bird of rebirth, being born from the ashes of its predecessor, its flaming wings and tail bring a homely warmth to those who are near it.

This set contains over 900 pieces. In it, we have the entire Phoenix, head, torso, wings, tail and feet. We also have a stand for it to stand on, if you wish to have it perched on your desk or somewhere.

Please support. Also, go to my Projects page for more UCS, Star Wars, and Bionicle: The Return.

(For those who haven't been following, Bionicle: The Return is a continuation of the original Bionicle saga. It is by no means to follow, interfere, or replace the new line. Still, if you like the sets, support, and LEGO may fit them into the story. Thank you.)

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