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Dragon Muay Thai Gym

Hello, VipBricks here with my first-ever Lego Ideas project.

This project is called "The Dragon Muay Thai Gym" and is based on the traditional Muay Thai training camps in Thailand.

You can see the characteristically open hall type of structure with lots of equipment like boxing gloves or headgear. Because there's a boxing ring in practically every traditional Muay Thai camp, I had to incorporate one as well. I decided to create a special pattern with red and gold plates on the front, which should resemble the overall look and color scheme of such Muay Thai gyms.

For the vegetation, I decided to go with mostly palm trees in different kind of shapes and colors, because these trees are very typical for Thailand.

In the front of the building, you can spot a power line with some crates and a garbage bin on the ground. There is also a little water tap behind the gym.

I included three minifigures in this set, which all have custom leg printing inspired by traditional Muay Thai training shorts. In addition, every minifigure has boxing gloves and two minifigures have headgear for sparring.

I think this idea would make a really outstanding and unique Lego set because it lets you dive deep into the exciting and interesting culture of Thailand and Muay Thai, where fighting sports is closely linked with tradition.

I hope you like my creation and I'd love it if you consider supporting this project in case you like it.
Thank you very much

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