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Surf's Up

Love the beach? Love to surf?
Surf's Up is an idea that came to me over a year ago and here is my final prototype.
I wanted to recreate the movement of waves at the beach in bricks and using a 'fabric' technique is a great way to make this effect.

Of course no beach scene is complete without beach-goers and water sports, this set comes with 2 surf boards, a wind surf board and a dinghy plus 2 minifigures dressed for summer.

The waves are created by turning a small crank on the side, which can also be powered by motor using a speed controller, without which things will get a bit stormy "haha".

The beach includes a deck chair and palm tree for that classic look and the sides are brought to life with sealife, fishing nets and a few fossils.

I hope you enjoy this model as much as my family does and your support is much appreciated

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