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City Aquarium


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The City Aquarium

Every city needs an Aquarium and I made this 3-story Aquarium for the LEGO City.


  • The Front of the Aquarium shows a big wave, I did this to get the ocean to the city and to give the visitors the feeling of walking into the ocean. 
  • The Aquarium contains four different tanks. A crab tank, a squid tank, a shark tank and a fish tank.
  • The Aquarium has a rooftop café with a fixed binocular so the visitors can enjoy the city view.
  • The Aquarium fit together with the rest of the modular buildings series.
  • The Aquarium has a 'light brick' to light up the crab tank.
  • The Aquarium has a ticket booth and a staff area so the staff can feed the squid.
  • You will also find staircases between each floor and skylights for the three largest tanks.


Enjoy your stay at the City Aquarium!

More pictures will be uploaded at my Instagram profile :


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