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Phantom Stage Trailer

It is a radio controlled and pnuematic controlled stage trailer. I built it because I was in the music/entertainment industry and had to stop, so I made this piece in tribute to stage crew members and performers who made many great memories on one of these.
I believe this will make a good set, because many people who worked in entertainment and/or enjoyed going to festivals and concerts lost a part of them, as I did, and this can help bring back some good memories for many people. They can also appreciate the technical aspects that went into this. It has 7 motors and 8 mechanical actuators, that are all radio controlled, plus 14 pnuematic actuators, for the advanced builder.
I was hoping I could post videos to help showcase the functions of the stage trailer, but I am not sure how or if it is possible? I have posted a few brief videos of some functions on my Instagram and Facebook accounts (Phantom LEGO MOCS), to help showcase some functions, but plan on doing professional videos in the near future.
The stage trailer is complete and the main showcase of the build, but I may do some refinement upgrades in the near future, that conforms to the rules and regulations. I would like to consolidate the handheld pnuematic lever controller with the external battery/motor/pump/tank system (for cosmetic reasons, which have not been shown in any of the pics) into a box that resembles a generator off to the side.
This build may also encourage a traditional piece to broaden it's palette into another official colour, such as requesting the 3 x 7 rounded panel be offered in light grey.

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