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Ducktales: Scrooge Money's Storage


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But who could be hiding in this strange building on Killmotor Hill ?
Who at Duckburg could be so afraid for their money ?
Could it be the "richest duck in the world" ?
Yes, that's him !
And if you are not afraid of him, maybe you could take a look in his lair ?

Ducktales: Scrooge Money's Storage is a set with approximately 1300 bricks.
The building can be opened in two, so you can enjoy its rooms and its chest full of gold !
Inside, you will find his safe filled with gold. But also, his desk, and that of his secretary.
Not forgetting, a myriad of objects and traps protecting his possessions.

It was a pleasure to build this set and to immerse myself in this world of ducks.
I am convinced that this set would have its place in the hands of children wishing to relive the adventures of the richest of ducks. And that it would also have its place on the shelves of older fans.

Thank you very much for supporting me in this project !
I hope you will have as much fun playing with it, as I enjoyed making it.

A big thanks you to all of you, young and old ducks !

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