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Excitebike 40th Anniversary


Start your engines! Race into the classic NES motocross game in this fully controllable stunt bike experience! You'll be able to catch air, pop wheelies, change lanes, and even do flips as you speed down the motorized scrolling track!

This is a fully playable arcade game that allows you to pitch a dirt bike up and down, and steer between lanes as you navigate jumps of various sizes, evoking the classic experience of the Excitebike video game. A counterbalance allows you to jump high and far, just like in the game. A pair of Powered Up LED's provides ample light for the inside of the arcade cabinet. You can even design your own course!

I built this out of my passion for playability as a key feature in LEGO sets. I believe that this model's immersive experience, with visual and tactile feedback, will make it a unique and excellent addition to the LEGO Ideas line.

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