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Ratatouille: Modular Gusteau's

It was once said by a wise man that "Anyone Can Cook." This thought process could be extended to any kind of thought. So prove anyone can build with this Modular Guestau's!

The restaurant from the movie Ratatouille has been faithfully recreated into a Lego form over many weeks and countless hours. From the sign atop the restaurant to the furnished insides with the detachable roof, the building is a great piece of art for any fan of modular buildings, Pixar, or Ratatouille.

The restaurant is also designed to connect with the other Lego Modular Buildings! It can fit perfectly in any city display!

Along with the building, the build includes three minifigures of Linguini, Collette, and Ego, as well as figures for Remy and Emile and a chef's hat.

Thank you so much for your interest in my project!

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