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Ticket to Ride: Dutch Flat Barrel Co.


Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite board games ever, and some time ago I was wondering... Well, why not create a LEGO Ticket to Ride collection? So, I used as reference my own Ticket to Ride game, studied the cards and the box art to get some inspiration for the train cars. I also started a small research on the 10th years commemorative version of the game that has some stylish train cars and it was very helpful for a lot of decisions. I spent one entire year working focused to finish it, and after that I made some small changes and adjusts.

The entire collection is huge, and would not be possible to publish as a single set, then I decided to publish some of my favorite cars, and this is what this submission is about:

My super favorite ticket to ride train car, the Dutch Flat Barrel Co. train car. It is based on one of those vintage barrel train cars, and has a small diorama to represent a transportation through the desert!

The model has 1115 elements, with only real world and not rare elements.

I hope you like it as much as I do! =]

Thiago Brisolla from BriBricks

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