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Jumanji 1995 "Spiders In The Attic" Diorama

What is it?
This model is a diorama depicting the "Spiders in the Attic" scene from the movie Jumanji 1995, it takes place in the messy old attic of Alan Parish's house where Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter are trying to finish the game so that everything can go back to normal, but the game isn't about to make their lives easier.

Why did I build it?
Two of the biggest things I love in life are building LEGO and cinema, the first time I saw one of the LEGO movie scene dioramas I was hooked, I knew I had a new calling in life, intersecting the two things I love most by creating LEGO Movie Scene dioramas.

Jumanji had a huge influence on me and my life, to this day it is still considered one of my top favorite films of all time, this story, the design, and the characters were perfect in every way.

Why do I believe it would make a great LEGO set?
I am a LEGO collector, I love buying new sets and I love building them, and I love displaying them, I would love it if there were more sets out there that fit my particular interests (in this case, great cinematic scenes) and this is an excellent example of something that I would buy.

I hope that you will love it as much as I have.

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