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It really works! This is a fully functioning Steadicam! Attach your iPhone, Android, or any other small video device to record fluid video images.

A new Lego building teqhnique creates a very strong and ridged structure. It is solid and will not easily come apart. It is a practical tool for recording video that can be used by the professional or casual videographer.

Your shaky cam will become a Steadicam!

Totally Lego! (except for the iPhone)

LegoSteadi! Designed for both the young and the young at heart! Whether you are an aspiring Spielberg, proud parent, or or just tired of your videos being shaky and unwatchable this is the Lego build for you. Inspired by inventor Garrett Brown's amazing Steadicam Merlin® this Lego build uses the principles of dynamic balance to achieve incredibly smooth moving video images. Just attach any small video recording device and capture that epic shot!

Seeing is believing

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