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Railway Crane EDK 80/3


Railway Crane EDK 80/3

Another inspiration for my design  is a crane EDK 80/3. On this basis I decided to create a model of the crane railway. And I am an employee of Polish railways quite often I have the pleasure to watch this beautiful machine in action and also work with its participation. This is not  the newest machine, however, still completely at ease in the conditions of the railway. I think that just as in reality, so this project can bring us a lot of unforgettable memories while enjoying the LEGO trains. And the fact that this model has an extra  railway wagon the load a charge additionally contributes to the fun and functionality of the entire project.

Because it does not have the "Power Functions" or locomotives, the price could be significantly lower than set currently available. What also made it easier  to available  the average reader who wishes to expand his collection of LEGO trains. I also hope that in the near future for LEGO fans will have just such special set consisting of single machines as my project or individual wagons.

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