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A Colorful Square

🎨 It is a colorful square, full of life. A cheerful bazaar where houses and shops are piled on top of each other; only their different bright colors still allow to differentiate them from each other. All different, yet they form the same whole.

🏘️This square is a kind of urban jungle where time has passed and nature has reclaimed some of the land: in the concrete and urban installations, plants and vegetation have intruded to give even more color, and life.  

👫 In fact, the neighborhood is alive! Everyone carries out their daily activities here: shopping, hanging out their clean laundry, riding their bikes home, having a drink to cool down, playing ball. These are some 10 minifigures that give life to this neighborhood: a couple, two construction workers, three children, a mother, an old neighbor, an old merchant, a cyclist... Without forgetting Moustache, the cat.
🚪 Several houses - like boxes, several universes, several stories to tell. Those who have lived in neighborhoods, housing estates or even a building will remember what life is like that is created because of this proximity. You become a community and you share a lot... Even everything that happens at the neighbor's house when the walls are too thin! That's what I want to talk about with this set: keeping life joyful by living all together.

🧱 A LEGO construction tells a story: here, the story of sharing and living together. A LEGO construction is also a story: we can share construction moments together, we can play together, etc.
📖 Because of all the life present in this set, all the possibilities and all the stories that can be born in it; and because of the bright colors that make it up, I think this set would make a wonderful playable LEGO set to display.
🙏 I thank you for your support, hoping that this idea will bring you some joy and desire to share.

❤️ Just a quick note to say thanks to my beloved brother who gave me the idea for this build.

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