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Lego Mobile Operations Center


The Mobile Operations Center is truly a unique project, I have spent many years finalizing and revising the project and I am really happy to finally unveil it to the Lego Ideas community. The vehicle consists of two trailers that are connected in the center using lego hinge joints allowing the trailers to move separately, the front trailer consists of the living quarters which contain a small restroom, kitchen, two beds, and driving compartment.

The rear trailer consists of the communications center which contains numerous computer screens, radios, and various other components. The trailers also feature detachable roofs which contain logs and cargo on top of each roof section. the trailers are easily detachable for storage or transport, also the trailers feature two entrances, one door in the middle of the front trailer, and the other in the front of the rear trailer.

All windows except for the front windshield have bars across them for added protection in hostile environments, the trailers also feature many outdoor lights to illuminate objects out in the field. Overall I think these trailers would be a unique set for Lego, and I hope you believe so too.

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