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The Castle on the Hill


This is what I called the Castle on the Hill!

It’s a model of a typical medieval castel, with a little group of houses, windmills and even a lumberjack house near to him. All that is built on mini scale, with a really minimal desing (which I really love).

The model  is made of 1563 parts.

The baseplate is 25,6 cm x 25,6 cm and his height is 8.64 cm.

I built it because I really love the medieval era and in particular medieval castles! It was a personal challenge for me to re-create something like that using mostly little bricks and little pieces, trying to give the sensation to who’s watching it, to see a real ‘picture’ of the past. Personally it gives me the sensations that i felt when I watched medeival movies or played medieval videogames, and that means (at least for me) that I probably reached the goal!

I think that it will be a really good Lego set because it’s fun to build, and it can be even displayed on your shelf near your favourite Lego sets!

Thank you for checking out my project!