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Airbus H160

This lego build is a very accurate replica of the Airbus H160 helicopter. Wether it be its colors, its dimensions or its caracteristics every single detail as been carefully respected.
Effectively there is the 5 blades propeller on the top, the small rotor on the back, the rectangular white stabilizer, 3 wheels on the bottom, 4 footrest and the blades tip in orange wich in the real life allows to reduce the noise of the helicopter when it flies.
The interior is also very detailed : it is made in a sand yellow color wich imitates leather, it includes 2 pilots seats, 3 passengers seats, and a cockpit.
There is 1 pilot wearing an orange jumpsuit with a white helmet and 3 passengers ( 1 woman and 2 men ) both wearing a black suit. 
The helicopter his approximately made of 800 pieces, is 14 cm high, 46 cm long and 35 cm wide.

I really admire what Airbus does and especially the H-160 helicopter, I love the way it looks. So I recently challenged myself to do it with lego parts because I love lego since my childhood and I really like the lego ideas concept.
These are the reasons why I have submited my idea and if I get 10 000 supporters it would make me very           happy ! 

I think that this helicopter could be a good lego set because it could be used as well by kids than adults : as a toy or as a decoration. Effectively, the helicopter is not to heavy, it can roll, its propeller can turn as in realitythere is nice colors, it is completely smooth and its main parts (the roof, the fuselage...) can be deconstructed very quickly and easily in order to have access to the interior, to add or remove the minifigures.

If you like my lego idea don’t hesitate to hit the support button and share it with your friends ! 

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