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Brick-built maxi-scale figure
Lego Minifigures are my favorite toys. I love the recognisable style and proportions of them, the amazing amount of character and detail concentrated into such a tiny area. There is an awesome volume of different characters that they come in, all customizable.

I saw a version of a large minifigure in the Lego Marvel Superheroes "Airport Battle" set 76051, it contained Antman as a brick-built giant in that set and I thought that was a great size for an ornamental version big enough to recognise as a minifigure and play with, but brick-built and customizable so it could be turned into any Lego minifigure character you wish. So I created my own version of this scale of figure, with bent arms, a regular Lego style head, usable hands, and tried to make it a little less mechanical.

It took a little while or me to perfect the look and shape of the figure, and the hands were particularly difficult to make look like real minifigure hands, but be strong enough to hold accessories. Technic pins were too loose and caused the heavy objects in the figure's hands to swivel downwards, but after some experimentation I found that if I used a stud to plug in to the arm instead I could make sturdier, posable hands easily. I went through a few different designs for the legs, trying to make them smoother and squarer, until I settled on the current one. The arms were easy to bend, with two hinge plates and a tile to hold it in place, and resembles the minifigure bent arms well.

I decided to make some brick-built minifigure accessories to the same scale, and went with a few that were, to me, iconic ones: a mug, a walkie-talkie, a megaphone and a bunch of flowers. I also created two minifigure hair pieces that can be worn to customise the character: a classic, brown, men's round hair piece and a classic, black, women's hair piece.

Working with the scale of about 3x the size of regular lego, this larger figure worked well and the build was easy to translate into the larger sizes. A stud became a 2x2 round tile. Rods and wands became a 1x1 round brick. A brick 1 high became 3 bricks high, and a width of 2 bricks became 6.

Very pleased with my results, I dubbed them "Maxifigures" as a play on the name for Lego Minifigures. (Pretty obvious, really). I call the first complete one that I created "Max" - the one shown in these pictures.

I think they are very cute and charming, and would make an excellent ornamental set for Lego lovers at a reasonable scale to be easily customizable, and affordable.

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