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Star Wars Coruscant Skyline


In this idea I tried to reproduce an important skyline: the Coruscant © city that completely covers the Coruscant planet, in Star Wars © saga. Coruscant is the capital of the galaxy and one of the most represented places in Star Wars movies, series, cartoons etc. We find it in Star Wars Episode I, II, II, VI and in Star Wars Clone Wars and it was the capital of the Republic and of the succeeding Empire. How to reproduce an entire planet skyline? Choosing the buildings that better express what we have seen and loved in the movie and coupling them with some elements that give an abstraction of the big city-planet. That's why I inserted the massive Senate building, that you can appreciate on the right side of the front image: a place where some of the most famous scenes of the saga where played by many of the most important characters that we love. Beside it we have the Jedi Temple, another symbol of Coruscant and of the entire galaxy. The creation is completed by a skyscrapers' skyline, the most clear image that we have of Coruscant. Infact we all remember the images of Coruscant where huge fluxes of flying vehicles pass through impressive skyscrapers. It felt very fine building this idea because it was like to be there!

I hope you'll enjoy too. Express all your force in the comment section if you glad. 






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