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Wolverine vs Lady Death Strike: Augmentation Room Showdown


Hello and welcome to my project!

With this potential set you can recreate the battle in Alkali Lake between Wolverine,(Logan played by Hugh Jackman) and Lady Death Strike ,(Yuriko Oyama played by Helly Hu) within the film Xmen 2: United while in the Augmentation Room where Wolverine and Death strike begin their battle!

The set features a Pillar which can easily be toppled to portray some action, a board with some x-rays of Wolverine's and Death Strike's claws a water tank in which Wolverine acquired his Adamantium coating and finally a hanging platform which can come crashing down on the top of the water tank. All these features of the Augmentation Room appear in the film and so if this sets gets made into a real set via 10,000 supporters by YOU ,you can accurately recreate this famous scene!

I hope you like this set which I have brought forth. Be sure to support and feel free to comment. All help in bringing it to the required supporters is welcomed.

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