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Waterfall Castle


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What is my Project?

My project is a castle. I designed it with strength and playability in mind, but also including as much detail as possible. It includes an array of functions, but designed around a main function of the waterfall. It is made with a modular design (picture 9). I included an army of enemies to beseige it, adding to any playablity.


The main function is the waterfall, as I mentioned before. Aside from looking nice, it can slide off the front of the detail section, and become a fountain. Yes, with real water.

How this works: The water trickles down under the main hall building, and falls down back under, into a bucket (in picture 7 and eight). The bucket can slide shut, or lock open, but its purpose is to transport the water back to the top of the building, under the hall. The aquaduct (picture 12) can be use to pour water down and start the fountain. **No Power Functions required**

Another function is the exploding tower (on the left). Activated by pressing a lever, the tower explodes.

Also, on the left wall section, I included a fully functional trebuchet. 


 - Exactly 3000 pieces

 - Eight minifigures and one big figure (picture 5)

 - Accesories include: Longbow, shortbow, three longswords, one club, one ax, five spears, three round shields, two rectangular shields, one quiver, a crown, two torches, and a jagged sword.

 - Made using LDD (I used the better quality graphics - Change in LDD preferences (Command, for Mac Control F6 for windows)  



From this website, download the LDD file. I swear it isn't a virus. You can download the version of the caste that is expanded, with everything that is supposed to come apart seperated.

Thanks in advance for any support. It means a lot to me. If you would like to see this as a set, please share it with your friends.

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