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Winter Village Community Hall


This Village Community Hall would make a fantastic set for any winter, holiday, or Lego village enthusiast! Lego has done a great job with the Winter Village line of sets, but it is missing a place for the minifigures to gather together and enjoy one another. There are many holidays over the winter season, and holidays are spent enjoying friends and family. The community hall provides a place to do just that; enjoy.

This gorgeous community hall has many amenities! The community news board is essential to the village as it provides a space to advertise, announce or just leave notes for other villagers. This year the community hall director and choir master is doing a children's choir presentation complete with piano accompaniment --they are rehearsing while you watch! It will be a great production that all villagers will want to attend. For the women of the community, we have a wreath making table set up in the hall so they can occupy themselves while their children practise or so they can visit with friends and share exciting community news. The hall itself has been around for years, but has had some upgrades like the window wall, allowing in lots of natural light. However, since this is an old building, it has a grand fireplace to heat the cozy space. Finally, the trade mark of this old village hall, the beautiful bell tower, which has a big red bow to celebrate the holiday season! 

All in all, this is an amazing edition to any village, but I'm positive it will add great warmth and happiness to your winter themed displays. Support this project and spread the word, because no holiday or winter lover should be without it!

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