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Mad Scientist's Laboratory

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This mad scientist was fooling around one day with his equipment and accidentally fired off his high-powered laser. It destroyed the town hall by mistake. Since then, he hasn't been allowed in the city. So now, he has to hide ... in his laboratory ... in a cave.
I hope you like my creation. Also, if you like it, please say so! Support me! I took all my time and effort into building it. It would be a shame if you didn't like it. I saw that more than 25 people saw it and they didn't like it!!!!! :'( PS. Like it.

PPS. If I can find out who supports this I will support them!!!

This is the top view of my creation. To the left, there is a glass window. To the right, there is a centrifuge and a laser. Under it, there is a large blue turbine.

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