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World-dominating robots need a cool ride! If you are that robot, this yours.

Raptawrex can zoom along regular dino style, laser blasting rocks and minerals and whatever else it needs to.

The cool part - it can ratchet its legs and feet, letting its buzz saw wheels shred the terrain up like nothing was there. At the very same moment, the front arm bars rotate to whip out the front wheels - chopper style.

Due to manufacturer's warranty expiring...Raptawrex can get a bit glitchy. It has been known to break into interpretive dance when its robot master is out of range (the "Dance Like Noone Is Watching" virus).


2 X buzz tipping drive wheels

2 X independent rotating arm / front chopper wheels.

1 X buzz saw arm mechanism for rock cutting

1 X rock cutting laser

1 X metal-ripping jaws

1 X moving tail with mini stabilizing wheels

6 X gold coloured shredding talons

1 X robot rider

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