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Fishing in the Cold

About the model
This diorama is composed of an iceberg floating on the cold ocean. On the top of the iceberg, a polar bear is trying to catch some fish for dinner. Fortunately, the bear is not alone, there are two penguins. One of them is cooking something delicious, maybe fish soup. The other one helps to find some fish in the ocean. The weather is a bit cold there, so our bear needs some extra protection. This is why he wears a hat and a scarf.

Challenging geometry
The diorama is constructed on a round base. This is not exactly true, because it has exactly 18 sides. Constructing this geometry was very challenging, I had to use various building techniques to achieve this result, but I am very happy with how it turned out. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

The story behind the idea
Initially, my goal was to make a stable, circular platform for any kind of diorama. I think the round bases look better. So I came up with a fairly stable and scalable solution. After the base was finished, I tried various diorama ideas, but none of them worked for me, so I let the project rest a bit. After some weeks I saw an advertisement with a polar bear, and this was the moment when I started thinking about this diorama.

Hidden messages
This diorama is meant to be a happy, relaxing experience. However, there are some hidden messages. Firstly, the iceberg is small and cute to make the model compact, but it has a deeper meaning as well. As the planet warms up, these animals are running out of living places. Also, there is a bottle and a car tire hidden in the scene. They represent human waste in the water. I placed these things on the scene for a purpose, to remind people to care about our planet and its future.

  • 231 parts are required for this model
  • Challenging techniques
  • Poseable features
  • Delicious fish soup

Finally a video about the model

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