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The Moving City of Nexus


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This is a giant city built on top of a huge frame. The outer legs move the entire city inch by inch just like a spider. This city has a giant mouth in the front for eating other cities. This is my first ever large scale MOC that I am submitting to LEGO IDEAS and I hope it becomes a real set. 

I built this set after reading the book "Mortal Engines" a book about moving cities. Instead of London and tank treads like in the book, I made my own futuristic city with spider legs instead.

I believe this will make a great LEGO set because it is nothing like any of the other LEGO sets in existence. It offers a unique experience because of it's unique building styles and technique and at 2,800 pieces is sure to pass someone's time for a while.

I hope that this LEGO set will help me become the youngest LEGO Fan Designer ever at the age of 14. Please look at some of my other creations such as the Island Crab or the Artificial Tree Observatory.

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