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Anakin's Mos Espa Quarters

Welcome to Anakin's Mos Espa Quarters. This set is based on the Skywalker's quarters from Episode 1. The set includes Anakin, Shmi (new) and a C-3PO with no coverings (new). The set swings open so you can play inside with Anakin at his workbench building protocol droids, or tinker with the bio-converter power generator, or in the kitchen whipping up your favorite Star Wars delicacy.

It also shuts closed so you can play on the stairs, or on the balcony (where you can check midi-chlorian counts) that the stairs lead up to.

Also if you swing it fully open the backside doubles as a Mos Espa street scene.

If this set interests you at all please support it. If you have any comments or questions that could make this set better I would love to hear them. Thanks for viewing and for your support.

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