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Space X Falcon Heavy


I want to present the Falcon Heavy. This is a super-heavy rocket that launches heavy objects into space. It has 2 stages and consists of 29 Merlin 1D engines (9 on each booster). All 3 boosters are fully reusable. The Falcon heavy made history when it was the first time all 3 boosters landed successfully on the first try. It was also when Elon Musk launched his roadster into space.

My design is 30 inches high and 10 inches wide. One special feature that I made that Elon didn't do was putting Dragon 2 on top of it. The Dragon capsule has 2 solars that slide out. In real life, Dragon 2 has its solar panel opening out. Due to lego limitations in size, I cannot have the solar panels opening up. The Dragon capsule has enough room to fit 2 LEGO mini-figures inside. Each booster has a set of 4 landing legs that all open up. 

I think this rocket would make a great LEGO set because this set can both be a set for decoration or a great set for kids to build and play. If you think this set should deserve LEGO's Consideration to be mass-produced, please support and share it with your friends and families.

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