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Cottage on the Mine- Folding Model

Welcome to Cottage On The Mine!

In my latest project I have packed a whole bunch of details into an abandoned gold and gem mine beneath a cozy cottage!

Gold nuggets and gems over flow from two vintage mine carts designed for a brick built track. Flowers and foliage along with a nice tree and birds, a chicken coop where the pet chicken lives. I decided to go with a less traditional pet. A "Keep Out" sign stands watch in from of the mouth of the mine to indicate a dangerous adventure awaits whom so ever enters the mine. I designed a red pick up truck and included a motorcycle! This will be level one.

Level two it the main floor and it houses a kitchen with sink and stove, a small window wall opens to reveal more of the dining and kitchen space, lobster for dinner, dining area, fire place, small set of drawers with a cup on the top and some paintings. the other side is a lounging area with a seat and news paper, corner shelves with some trinkets, clock, a nice fluffy bed for those long naps, two dressers with lamps, and again some paintings.

Level three is the attic floor and its packed with some subtle details such as vintage wooden chairs, boxes, bird statue, a trophy, a vintage dresser with a vintage miners helmet, and a rat getting after some cheddar cheese!

The final level is the roof and as you can see it is removable! It has shutters, windows, a flower vine, and a vintage Octan Gas sign, as well as the upper portion of the chimney.

*This model is designed to split in half* to a cross section of the entire set top to bottom for viewing and easier play as well as breaks down into seven sections for access and playability. This model contains 2,357 Pieces.

This set would be great for anyone adventurous, interested in vintage life nostalgia, gold mining, geology, caring for animals, like the birds and the chicken! Loves vehicles, motorcycles, summer, trees, old and modern style living.
I hope you all enjoy taking a look and as always, build on!


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