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Space Landing Plate 48x48


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The Idea:
In the days of childhood, the space program had floor plates to make its space base dignified. Unfortunately these are no longer manufactured. But of course this is not a real problem for the skills of LEGO bricks...

The Model:
The further advance of the Humans into space was associated with ever larger spaceships. In order to repair, load or otherwise equip them, sooner or later larger floor structures were also required. They form the link to those gigantic spacecraft that no longer land on planetary bases themselves.

This 48 feet x 48 feet landing pad features small platforms in each corner, allowing for many different setups. One could think of tank and test systems, small control centers with computer consoles, radio masts and much more. In the model shown, two opposite platforms were equipped with floodlights, because astronauts also work in shifts. One of these two platforms also contains the power supply for these lights - a small standard fusion reactor and a control console.

The Background:
In my own little space program, I work exclusively with modular structures based on 48x48 panels like those in this illustration. Since the old 32x32 solutions don't combine well with this, I developed this replacement. With 2x4 tiles, more elements can be connected easily and securely. The color coding is based on the original 32x32 panels.

In contrast to the first draft, I not only developed this in CAD software but also built it physically. Some discolored tiles show how deep I had to dig in my parts box for this. This also applies to the old tail elements in blue and gray - I just don't own 16 of them in one color. This results in the mix.

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