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The Garden Retreat

The Garden Retreat

Take yourself into a peaceful country garden with The Garden Retreat. A modern wooden style greenhouse and more! Enjoy the privacy underneath the attached pergola and hear the sounds of the water and wildlife from the raised pond. (Imagination may be required!)

Find all you could possibly need in the fully stocked greenhouse and admire the climbing plants growing up the side of the building. The roof is neatly placed on top, but not attached, so you can easily remove it to explore inside.

About me

As a professional garden designer, I've made this based on one of my real life designs. There is a sense of hideaway when you're submerged by nature and I think this model definitely captures it. But I've also added the practical touch of tools and accessories I would say is required to maintain a beautiful garden!

Why this would sit right at home with the other Lego sets

With plants and nature becoming a big part of the Lego culture and with sets such as the Botanical and bouquets, I believe this set will not only compliment it, but could utilise the new plant based materials.

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