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The Battle of Kashyyyk - Hunt for Quinlan Vos (Order 66)


This set recreates scenes from the 2006 comic "Star Wars: Republic 83: The Hidden Enemy, Part 3".
Jedi Master Quinlan Vos flees through Kashyyyk's dangerous jungle after barely escaping the execution of Order 66. Quinlan's former subordinate, Commander Faie, leads Bogey Squad in pursuit. With his friend, the Wookiee smuggler Chak, a badly wounded Quinlan makes his final stand. Will he be able to defeat the clones?

Piece count:

model: 131 pieces
minifigures: 32 pieces
total: 163 pieces

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Bogey CT-5632
Bogey CT-3856
Commander Faie (with Hologram)
Quinlan Vos

The forest area: a small lake, two trees, a few bushes and other plants, a spider, a bird and a snake

The Anakkona, a giant tree snake native to Kashyyyk.

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