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Minifigs Display for Dimensions™


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Are you a Dimensions video game player? If you are and, just like me, you buy more and more minifigs packs, I am sure you have sometimes wished to have some kind of way to display them when playing, which conveniently and efficiently lets you switch them...

Look no more, here is the solution I came up with: a simple yet streamlined stand that fits 16 minifigs or vehicles using minimum space (only a 16x32 plate)! In total, it is made of around 130 parts.

As you can see in the other pictures, it was designed to perfectly match the size of the toy tag, and only the two most extreme spots have some kind of limited leeway! So it is very convenient for transportation too.

Doesn't it look really neat when you put two of them just side by side with the game pad? Almost seems like some official set, right? With your help and support, it can become one~

Of course, even if you don't play the video game you can still use it as a normal stand for your collectible minifigs!

Thanks for viewing and for your support~ ^^

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