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Irish Tea Shop Modular


 After researching places to visit in Ireland, I saw tea shops. Then, the idea of creating a Lego Irish tea shop came to my mind. I wanted to include features of the tea shops that I saw all around the internet that would be achievable in Lego form. These features include gold highlights inside and outside of the building, plants, a living quarters above the, an inside and outside balcony, a back door, jars of assorted tea leaves, a tea dispenser with the Irish flag on it, and a front porch area. Additionally, I included a post office which has not been seen quite often in Lego and never in Lego's modular buildings line. All in all, I created this to pass some time and create a Lego modular that would look great along the streets of a massive Lego city, or just to look great on your shelves. This is a place where tea-craving citizens of your Lego city can visit to purchase high quality tea at a even higher price.

I modified a bed design by JAYSTEPHER

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