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G.M.F Armadillo Ground Tester


Here at the G.M.F, we are looking for the most precious resource in the galaxy. Power crystals. Power crystals are very rare but very useful. A single power crystal can power Bricksburg for a whole year! Now, we don't go drilling holes in hope to find a power crystal, no, we send out an entire fleet of Armadillo Ground Testers to scout out the area. These Armadillos use a special laser that detects high amounts of energy below the ground. If we discover a high amount of energy, we set up a mining operation. Now, these samples are very important and need to be returned to  headquarters. To ensure that happens, we make sure to armor up the Armadillos so in the case of an ambush they can get out and to safety without losing the samples. And don't forget, it comes with built in cupholders.

We are the G.M.F and we hope you don't mind that we mine.

G.M.F Out.


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