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Pizza Restaurant "Travolta"

Hello everyone!

Since the holidays are already underway, it is the perfect time to go out in the evening and eat something good. People need a place like a pizzeria where they can eat good pizza and spend time in a nice place.

This is what the "Travolta" restaurant is like!
The building consists of a ground floor and a roof terrace where you can also sit under an umbrella, eat and drink. The pizza is made in the oven. You can also order chicken or sausages. There is a grill on the roof where we can fry food. There is plenty of space to sit. There are comfortable benches inside, the room is nicely lit which creates a very nice atmosphere.

Kit details:
Number of bricks used: 1389 pcs
Width: 42 studs | 33.6 cm
Length: 41 studs | 32.8 cm
Height: 20.4 studs | 16.3 cm

Hope you like my idea and hope for a lot of feedback!
Have a nice day, my friends :)

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