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Tea House


Samurai the Knights of medieval Japan.  Even they need a place to rest.  This tea house is jut that place.  It inclueds a a gate over hang and the tea house.  This set  is a great addition to any Ninja like themed sets.  The set comes in three parts, The gate, the walk way, and tea house.  These parts can be re-arranged to create a new set up each time.  The tea house has a shrine in the back and a complete wooden floor.  The roof of the tea house opens up and allows easy play access.

The doors on the tea house slide to the side.  The small cherry trees are in blossom over the gardens, here the gardener uses his tools to maintain and beautify the landscape.   The gate holds two lanterns and banners as decorations.  This set also comes with a supply wagon with goods for the tea house.  A samurai with his horse protect and rest on these wonderful grounds. 


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