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Tetrad Wars: Tabletop Strategy Game


Okay, I'm bringing back my game idea, but this time as a complete package rather than separate sets.

Somewhere in a distant galaxy, four armies battle for domination.  Fighting for resources, sovereignty, honor and order.  But, only one claim ultimate victory. 

Tetrad Wars is a tabletop strategy game.  Choose between one of four armies, establish your base then set forth you fleet to take control of the quadrant.  Included in this set are four teams, each with three ships and a base; one dice; and one 1x12 plate.

Your team choices are:

The Faramechs, an all robot army whose goal is to create absolute order. (Grey and Blue)

The Imperium, an empire seeking to spread its rule to the unfortunate.  Green and Grey)

The Swarm, a bug race constantly searching for resources no matter what.  (Black and Red)

The Z’rahk, a warrior race looking for honor found in battle.  (Orange and Tan)

While this is a completely contained game in of it self, there is potential for more armies to be added, either completely new ones or from past themes.


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