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Space Explorer


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Roam through space and go down the memory lane with a twist.

The Space Explorer packs Classic Space play features and more into a brand new slick and seamless design and would appeal to adult and young fans altogether.

The idea behind designing this set was to build a feature-packed spaceship that would remind the Classic Space and Futuron era but with a brand new style. A set young and adult fans would not only enjoy building but would also play with and be surprised by all the details it includes.

Four minifigures make the crew, two female and two male astronauts in Futuron outfits.

The spacecraft can transform into a base and a separate smaller ship. The base holds a white buggy with a detachable scooter, and a white cargo container. The smaller ship holds a familiar-looking white rover.

The center part of the spacecraft makes the base, it includes a full-featured lab with a sliding door. The living space has a kitchen and two sleeping beds.

Main features :

  • Slick and seamless design with blue stripe along the whole ship
  • Futuron style crew
  • Detachable smaller exploratory ship with rover
  • Base that holds the buggy and cargo container
  • Fully-equipped lab with sliding door
  • Living area with sliding doors access
  • Kitchen where you can grab a pizza and make some coffee
  • Sleeping beds for winding down and catch up with the latest episodes of the Agents
  • Opening upper trunk
  • Includes many accessories