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Legend of Zelda: Hylian Shield 2


Support these Projects!

Thank you so much for supporting this project. You should know that I'm not all about this project alone. Any well-made Nintendo themed project would be a dream come true for a lifelong Nintendo and Lego fan like me. In that spirit I want to encourage you to support the other projects below. Here's how: 

Share them on every Social Network you use

Send "tips" to relevant fan websites, gaming forums, etc.

Blog about them

Tell all the gamer friends you know

Do those things for this project AND the ones below! Then Nintendo and Lego might get the message that this will make us happy, and make them money. It's a WIN-WIN! 

Alatariel's Megaman Project

Lizardman's Metroid Project

Flailx's Windwaker Project

Zurtech's Zelda Project

Flanbrosinc's Master Sword Project

These are the best and most promising active projects to date. Please give them your support and be sure to tell them who sent you (so their supporters can support this project as well!)



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