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Odie, Garfield's Best Friend... Or Favourite Target! :D

Odie, the long-suffering target for Garfield's practical jokes, mood swings and general ire, (but really, his best friend) was first introduced in August 1978. It's hard now to think of Garfield, without seeing Odie's happy, but gormless expression, and especially his long, ever-present lolling tongue.

Jim Davis, Garfield's creator chose the name Odie after writing a character called 'Odie the Idiot' in a commercial he created. Garfield certainly thinks of Odie as an idiot, but the comic strip has often revealed that Odie is far more intelligent and cultured than he lets on.

When you're as loveable as Odie though, I think you can rely on that more than brains.

Having built a Garfield MOC, I kinda had to do an Odie as well. Perhaps I should've done both in one submission, who knows, but if Garfield makes it through, hopefully he might be able to have his friend with him.

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