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Tron Legacy Recognizer

The Police Recognizer - The Iconic symbol of tyranny in the Grid, the Police Recognizer patrols the grid, it's masked crew of enforcers, maintaining CLU's iron grip on the electronic realm

Built in MiniFig Scale the Recognizer features Opening Cockpit and Sentry Positions, with room to seat captive MiniFig programs in the midsection

Midsection with Sentry and Prisoners - Two Prisoners can be seated side by side in the midsection on the central restraint grids.

Opening Sentry Posts, and Cockpit with Rinzler The Recognizer's Sentry crew stands in two stations on either side of the central section, while Rinzler stands at the control yoke in the elevated cockpit.

Rear View showing LightBrick Placement

Program's Eye View

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