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The Colossus is one of the wonders of the ancient world. A giant statue to guard the shores of the most powerful LEGO kingdoms.

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This is my second Colossus project. I love my original project: LEGO Colossus, , but felt that it could be improved on multiple levels.

My first improvement was to make the Colossus appear more regal and ornate. My thought was that any ancient city capable of building such a masterpiece would decorate it with gold and torches to highlight its greatness.

The second improvement was to raise it higher off the ground. Raising makes the Colossus that much more intimidating and majestic. It also allows for slightly larger ships to pass through, if the knights guarding it will allow. The new height also allowed for a better prison and a knights post where they could keep watch on passing vessels with bow and arrow in hand.

Another change I made was to take the sword from the Colossus and instead give him two terrifying hands. These hands are the perfect size to imprison the most dangerous LEGO villains and put them on display for the rest of the LEGO world to see.

This Colossus is based on the LEGO minifigure. His head is roughly 7 bricks tall. A regular minifigure head is 1 brick tall so I simply multiplied his dimensions by 7. The shield on his chest drops when enemy ships approach. The guarding knights can then throw rocks or fire arrows from inside him. A prison sits beneath his right leg and the knights post beneath his left.

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