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Medieval Baker's Shop


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 This was a very fun model to build, and it was very, very satisfying when it was finished. It goes very well alongside my Blacksmith's Shop. It is more detailed than any of the other models that I've built so far. MOCs (My Own Creation) are basically the only thing that I build. This model turned out the best of just about any of the models that I have made.

 Inside, there are three levels. The first is the Power Functions level. This is where the battery box is stored which powers the lantern which is to the left of the door. The next level is the kitchen. The baker does all of his work here. Pies cool in the window, while the baker uses bottles of resin to create the perfect mixture for his next delicious creation. (The pies might look very tasty, but they aren't edible. This is the one drawback to the set. :) )

The next level, the bedroom, has a sword hanging beside the fireplace. The fireplace has a picture of a ship on it. The nightstand has a clock standing on it. Also, what is necessary to almost any bedroom, is the bed.

 The attic has piles of silver which the baker has saved. Also, a large crystal of a very rare plastic resin is carefully preserved. The kitten has made his way to the attic and appears to be about to read the baker's letters. A crate full of gold is also hidden away, too.

 On the front, leading up to the door, is a spiral, stone staircase. There is also a pond, river, and trees. Three minifigures make the scene come alive.

 Thanks for looking, and have a great day! God bless!

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