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Lonely Fortress 2 (Medieval Castle)


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Hi I’m indiaman
It is a lonely fortress, a home for soldiers protecting the remote area, and a stronghold to protect important roads.
A small but strong fortress, a strong fortress where a few soldiers can block many enemies.
It mainly consists of three parts.
The first is the entrance to both towers. It is a simple three-story pagoda. In battle, you can defend it desperately by raising the ladder.
The second is the wall that protects this fortress. The simple structure will allow soldiers to move quickly and defend.
The third is the main building. It is a place where soldiers can rest and a stronghold where they can defend this fortress until the very end. It consists of 5 floors. The 3rd floor is the main building, and the rest is the tower. The building is modular style and detachable.
I wanted to decorate the interior more, but stopped because there were too many blocks. Please look at me generously.

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