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Berghaus is a base camp for all kind of mountain adventures! Already staying in this dangerously built hut that is cantilevering over the cliff is an adventure for itself.

The Berghaus set intentionally has no good vs evil but rather offers a frame containing a lot of elements that encourage to make up your own stories and adventures!
Will the climbing man manage to make it safely to the top?
What is the woman planing as a next adventure? Is she exploring unknown areas?
Is it about time to change some moldy planks? Or is the old man improving the holliday resort?
Are these snakes poisonous?
Is the rat living with his entire family in the cave?
The kitten seams to have thrown down the bottle in order to drink the water. The owl seems pretty interested in the kitten though...
What happened with these strange plants in the garden?!
Can you follow the waterfall from the cristaline source, through the terasse until the muddy frog pond?

I believe that games don't need a "good guy / bad guy" and I wanted to create something that offers a lot of ways of playing with it. That's why I created all these different story pieces in Berghaus that can be, each of them, the begining of a new adventure. I think that this set can an interesting building challenge but also a nice object and made for playing and developing creativity.

Beeing myself passionated by both, mountain sports and architecture/building, this project came directly from my heart to this LEGO plattform!
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