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Classic Space Elite Bomber


The Classic Space Elite Bomber is a large fighter spaceship boasting an impressive arsenal and a stealthy shape. It is built with the Classic Space theme color palette. I have always loved the old space themes like Classic Space, M-Tron, Blacktron, and Space Police. Original spaceships are my absolute favorite sets, and I would love to see more of them in LEGO's impressive catalogue. After starting to build MOCs again after many years, the most fun way for me to be creative continues to be building spaceships. I think LEGO Fans new and old will find their imaginations sparked when they put together a set like this.

I specifically set out to make a spaceship that had a wide-wing stealth shape, but also to make it a sturdy build capable of being handled and played with! 

  • Adjustable blasters
  • Detachable rockets
  • A cockpit that opens and closes from both sides
  • Lots of detail

This is a great set that has a place on and off the shelf, for LEGO fans everywhere!

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