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The universe has always fascinated humans, and observatories play an important role in unraveling its secrets and wonders.
This LEGO observatory has a dome structure that can rotate 360 degrees with a telescope inside that can be tilted. The flat roof and dome can be removed to see the inside. The roof of the building is planted with flora to harmoniously blend in with the natural surroundings.
In the control room the minifigure astronomers can study their astronomical observations and discoveries of exoplanets and stars. From the ground floor of the building there is access to the telescope in the dome by ladders. The floor has a curved yellow stripe to indicate the floor space needed for the structure to rotate freely.
Finding an aesthetic way to capture the distinctive dome-shape and cylindrical base that many observatories have was a challenge.
I hope you like my observatory!

Number of pieces: 1487

Length: 352 mm (13.86 in)
Width: 304 mm (11.97 in)
Height: 155 mm (6.10 in)

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